Day 1: Our Trip to Asia Begins

A moped whizzes by the car window. I turn my head just in time to catch a glimpse of the driver. To my surprise, there are actually three – a mother sandwiched between her two young sons, zooming along. No fear. I lose sight of the daring trio as they hop a curb and disappear behind a cargo truck. Welcome to Phnom Penh – capital city of Cambodia.

Okay, so I’m not really a blogger. But Roger, Cole, and I have committed ourselves to documenting and sharing this trip. Hence, we dragged along my good friend Pearson Ripley to help capture our month long journey through Southeast Asia and Nepal. He’s also serving the dual role of “blogging enforcer”, because as young adults, Roger, Cole, and I have that bad habit of procrastinating.

Along the way, we will be sharing our journey and experiences through this blog and other social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). What kind of company would we be if we didn't plug our social media accounts in the middle of a blog post right? The point is, we decided to document this trip for you, because ultimately, your support made this trip and the work we’re doing possible.

Thurs, January 15th

We arrive in Phnom Penh after a “relaxing” eighteen hour flight from San Francisco. It’s mid-afternoon and the weather is nothing short of perfect. 

A hectic car ride leads us to a secluded French hotel where Jack Blanks, Executive Director of Seva, is waiting for us. We’ve joined Seva on this trip to visit two SWAP Socks funded eye camps over the next month, one in Kampot, Cambodia and one in Pyuthan, Nepal. After meeting with Jack and the rest of the Seva group, we take a three hour bus ride south to Kampot, the location of the first eye camp.

Our arrival in Kampot is perfectly summed up by this amazing photo by Pearson, and then the sound of four heads hitting pillows.


- Match

Matthys Dutoit
Matthys Dutoit


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January 20, 2015

Vision and sight are not always connected. One’s vision can be intact while losing sight of what is important. One can have no sight and have a profound vision of how to improve the lives of others. You, gentlemen of mismatched foot coverings, are both sighted and steadfast in your noble vision to help others see the extraordinary beauty of this world. My hat, and shoes, are off to you!! The latter permits me to admire the Swap Socks adorning my feet.

Barbara White
Barbara White

January 18, 2015

So appreciate of the blog! So often we contribute to a cause but don’t actually SEE where the benefits are realized. For you guys, witnessing the transformation of people’s lives, through the gift of restored sight, will allow your passion for what you are doing, reach new depths of meaning. What a journey you are on! And I received my SWAP Socks order yesterday! LOVE them!!!

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