Sunday, December 6th, 2015



appy Sunday SWAP Fam,

Since we’ve gotten so many questions about the Cool Oceans…I thought I’d address the matter once and for all.

First, a little story. Before the NC Era of SWAP Socks, we were carried by The Original Three SWAP Packs. Gosh, they're so great. But, we're sad to announce we've lost a fellow pack...for now at least. The Cool Oceans were cleaned out by SWAP fans as if they were almighty Warriors. Speaking of the Warriors, they're undefeated. Steph Curry is undefeated. Steph Curry is from Charlotte, NC and loves the Panthers. The Panthers are undefeated. Cam Newton is on the Panthers and has fun. It kinda makes the Cool Ocean SWAP Pack gone, but also undefeated...and fun.

swap socks blog13 img1

It's solid math if you ask me. Anyway, without further ado. Check the other two out below, which are still available (get 'em while you can, just saying):

swap socks blog13 img2

Life is too short to match your socks. Seriously, we hear the average sock-folding human spends a month of their life trying to match their socks. Ridiculous!! So instead of wasting time searching for a matching pair, you can confidently slip into any two SWAP Socks you like. We also happen to think keeping a tidy sock drawer is highly overrated... sorry Mom! This mismatched thing is fetch, and it's working. Speaking of working, we’ve been working exclusively with suppliers and manufacturers around the state so we can guarantee our new sock line is 100% Made in NC.

Our goal is to reimagine one's sock drawer, all while creating a more colorful world. In other words, mismatched socks for the world to see.

One love,

Cole Page

About the Author: Cole Page is co-founder and CTO at SWAP Socks. He is pretty bad at writing blog posts, but decent at designing them.