From the latest episode of Homeland to that new Korean BBQ restaurant in that cool up-and-coming neighborhood, we are inundated with things to see, hear, taste, smell and touch.

We rush to catch up with the trends, hashing and tagging. Scrolling, liking, sharing, posting. But are we missing things with all this time spent looking down and double tapping? Don’t get me wrong, I love taking selfies as much as the next person.

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Want to watch/listen to an interesting take on connecting with the people around us, check out: Look Up.
A poem/video by Gary Turk.

We sometimes forget to look up and take in the world around us. Or talk to the hottest person in the world standing next to you while you wait for your take out. Or quit your terrible job and become an urban farmer. Or an urban legend. Whatever you choose, do it with passion. See the person you want to be, and be that. That’s what I mean, there’s a bigger picture and you can draw it. Pull yourself up by your socks…er I mean bootstraps, put that phone down, draw something. The possibilities really are endless.

"Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes doesn't mean he lacks vision."
- Stevie Wonder

As SWAP Socks is partnered up with SEVA foundation to help preserve and restore sight, we believe in vision and visionaries. We believe that as much as vision is about sight, it’s also about creativity. It’s about the stuff beyond what meets the eye. It’s about reaching out, speaking up and believing in something and yourself. It’s about taking the time to enjoy the world around you and give back. Be a visionary, be a legend, do what you love and share that with the world.

- MJ

Cole Page

About the Author: Cole Page is co-founder and CTO at SWAP Socks. He is pretty bad at writing blog posts, but decent at designing them.