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As sock and fashion enthusiasts, we love anything that goes on your feet. Toe rings, nail polish, henna tattoos, real tattoos, paraffin wax, blister Band-Aids, regular Band-Aids, your lovers’ hands. The list goes on. I want to hone in on a topic I’m sure we’re all familiar with- sneakers.

We walk around everyday on these hooves it’s no wonder that we’ve come up with some of the most intricate footwear to take us from place to place. So, what are some of the best sneaker choices you can make in 2016? I’m here to dive into what it means to be a true sneaker head and how to dress to impress.

"Threw on the Bally shoes and the fly green socks"
- Slick Rick (La Di Da Di)

#3. Nike Haurache

Tinker Hatfield, an icon in the sneaker industry, designed this shoe back in the early 90’s. With recent revitalization, the Huarache is back and cooler than ever! Heavy dose of neoprene, unique shape and so lightweight it feels like your floating on air- this shoe is a must-have for any fashion conscious sneaker lover. Check them out online and create your own.

Pair these with the Chicago Drill SWAP socks.

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#2. Puma Disc Monochrome Colorway

I wasn’t sure about these at first, but upon closer inspection I realized that their structural integrity and new monochromatic colors make these sneakers an excellent choice for anyone interested in rocking the finest street style.

These would go well with any of the SWAP socks because of their monochrome colorway, but in particular I would recommend The Kamada.

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#1. Adidas Tubular

Okay, now I don’t know what it is about these. Maybe it’s their alien shape or the textural maturity. Yes, I said textural maturity. Either way, these sneakers speak to me and they should speak to you too. The wide array of material used and the almost sculptural elements make this shoe complicated and unique. They are the future. Don’t stay stuck in the past and buy these for a fashionable spring style.

Pair these with Tropical Arcade.

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- MJ

Cole Page

About the Author: Cole Page is co-founder and CTO at SWAP Socks. He is pretty bad at writing blog posts, but decent at designing them.