George "G" Yamazawa, Jr.


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George "G" Yamazawa, Jr.

"G was one of my first classmates in the 2nd grade when my family made the move from CA to NC. He was always creative and talented growing up, transforming his hand knocking beats and rhymes into a powerful craft that has touched many to this day. He’s a big inspiration to me so I’m glad we recently got the chance to cross paths and talk about what inspires his work."


Q. What do you create?

Poems & rhymes.

Q. What do you enjoy about your craft and what makes it unique?

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I love how my craft (poetry) is like, THEE oldest form of vocal, emotional expression, but it (spoken word) is also such an underground genre and subculture that many times I'm performing in front of people who have never seen poetry performed live. I get to re-introduce poetry to young people in a new way, and it's a great feeling every time.

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Q. What inspires you to keep creating?

Everyday people, my own joy and suffering, and all of my travels from the smallest towns in America to the tallest building in the world.

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Q. What do you believe in?

I believe in the law of cause and effect, the power of your voice and importance of expression, the sanctity of life, and the goodness of humanity.

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Left to Right:
Nugget, G.Yamazawa, SWAP Socks, & Runaway

Q. What does the word vision mean to you?

When we're able to notice the devilish functions in our life, they shrink. When we can see the value in ourselves and others, we grow. Vision is something greater than a physical sense; it's a willingness to view things beyond our reality, and I think true "vision" is a rooted in a deep passion for finding the truth. Haha, mad deep son.

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Want to hear more?
Check out G's first EP which dropped this past feburary.

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